David Rosenfeld

Executive Director
503-231-4181 x311
Dave is OSPIRG Foundation’s Executive Director.

Laura Etherton

Health Care Advocate
(503) 231-4181 ext. 305
Laura Etherton is OSPIRG's Health Policy Advocate.

Jesse Ellis O'Brien

Health Care Advocate
(503) 231-4181 ext. 307
Jesse is OSPIRG Foundation's Health Care Advocate.

Julie Titus

Development Director
(503) 231-4181 x303
Julie Titus is OSPIRG’s Development Director.

Ed Mierzwinski

Consumer Program Director
202-546-9707 x314
Mierzwinksi is the federal Consumer Program Director and Senior Fellow, and has worked in the Washington, D.C., federal office since 1989.

Celeste Meiffren

Consumer and Taxpayer Advocate
(503)231-4181 x306
Celeste is OSPIRG Foundation's Consumer and Taxpayer Advocate

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