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Laura Etherton
OSPIRG Foundation
Health Care Advocate
(503) 231-4181 ext. 305

Laura Etherton is OSPIRG Foundation's Health Policy Advocate. She has authored numerous reports detailing the various ways that Oregon can lower the cost of health care while improving quality, which have been cited in numerous news reports across the state. Laura directs OSPIRG Foundation's Health Insurance Rate Watch Project, overseeing efforts to analyze health insurers' proposed rate hikes, and alerting the public and policymakers to rate hikes that are not judtified. Laura serves on several Oregon advisory committees, and co-chaired the Oregon Health Authority’s Administrative Simplification workgroup. Previously, Laura led the OSPIRG Foundation's consumer program, conducting important research tnat exposed predatory lending practices, identified ways to strengthen identity theft protections for consumers, and reduce prescription drug costs. She is a 1993 graduate of Macalester College.

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